Santa Monica, CA – December, 2021

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Born in 1968 on the Jersey Shore, I have been a Los Angeles-based artist for roughly 25 years. 

After studying Fine Art at University of Hartford’s Art School, I lived in N.Y.C., and L.A as I and continued to hone my skills at Pratt, Art Center College of Design, School of Visual Arts and other schools.

Mostly I work with watercolor, acrylics, pens, pencils, gouache on paper and canvas. After being commissioned multiple times in 2018 to create original maps of specific places I found that streets, architecture, and various repeating patterns keep me endlessly inspired.

Once a work begins it is an intuitive process. I pursue a theme until it resembles my mood. I don’t have a recipe that is replicated from one work to the next, every work is very unique. Pieces are manipulated until the painting seems to breathe on its own. 

When I was 9 or 10 years old I saw Henri Rousseau’s The Dream (1910), at the Museum of Modern Art, (MoMA.) This mysterious painting drew me into an exotic jungle and I felt the magic of art! I have been drawing, sketching and painting ever since. This moment of seeing The Dream may have been the reason I spent time in my 20s and 30s working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, MoMA and other museums.

In the mid 1990s I moved to Los Angeles where I worked as a Gallery Director at the Patricia Faure Gallery. In the early 1960’s Patricia helped get Andy Warhol his first show on the West Coast. At the Ferus Gallery Patricia became great friends with Southern California artists like Frank Gehry, Ed Ruscha, Dennis Hopper and John Baldessari. These great artists would stop by the Patricia Faure Gallery randomly for lunch, it was a magical experience to hear stories from these giants of the art world. I was really inspired by these artists!

As an artist my work has been featured in print and online magazines and has been shown and collected by institutions including like SEI Investments Co, Mixed Greens and the West Collection (FB) and West Collection (DB) and MTV, among others. My work is also in private collections across the U.S. and has been shown in dozens of galleries in and around New York and Los Angeles. My work is currently available through my website, Sector 7 Contemporary Gallery and Saatchi Art

I’m grateful to have had these various experiences within the art world, they were all deeply influential making me the artists I am today. 


I am a Los Angeles-based artist exploring the simplicity of familiar geometries overlaid with movements and repetition. Guided by systems such as patterns and grids I juxtapose the straightforward and the complex with mindful precision. 

I am strongly influenced by architecture, design and Modern artists like Paul Klee, Hilma af Klint and Richard Diebenkorn. My art practice is also influenced by an appreciation of Buddhism and its philosophical principles of being present and mindful. This spirituality plays a role in my artwork as there are elements with a mathematical or sacred geometry. Pulling from intuition and a personal vision I utilize repetition of patterns to bypass our rational minds, these shapes help connect viewers with the transcendent, eternal realm of the spiritual.

My creative journey is about continuously digging deeper into my psyche to create works that reflect inward feelings – rather than working from a rational and analytical perspective. The process of creating each new work is a labor of love and I hope by extension, the viewer feels the joy in the art. 

Using a mix of various mediums to create my images, a trail of the process is left in the wake of making the work. I purposefully leave pencil markings or paint over an area, but often show the underlying layer. Like an archeological excavation, there are layers of what came before for the viewer to visually experience.  I create in a zen-like flow, making compositional decisions intuitively. During this artistic process, the painting is alive and is like a wave crashing in slow motion. The finished piece is a reminder of the transient visit of the creative spirit.

Each new artwork is created to make that rare connection when a piece engages people. The works are created to be aesthetically pleasing and may evoke a metaphysical/ spiritual feeling. The benefit of viewing these works are a respite from the day, it is my intention that the viewer finds a deep satisfaction from the work. It is my hope these works enhance people’s lives and the space in which they live.

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Demitasse, curated by Sector 7 Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
• Jones, Circles Via Squares, curated by Sector 7 Contemporary Art Gallery, Pasadena, CA

• Group Show, Midsummer Night Salon, video, Los Angeles, CA
• Group Show, Hermosa Beach Art Festival, Hermosa Beach, CA

• Group Show, Three Artists | One Night, Venice, CA
• Launched work on Saatchi Art 

• Launched a series of NFTs, MetaMapping on OpenSea,
Demitasse, by Sector 7 Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Article about my artwork published in Voyage, Los Angeles
Article about my artwork published in Shoutout, Los Angeles

• Launched BraverGuide – a site to inspire people to live well and courageously

• Launched Starfish and Whale, artistic woodworks with Lindsay Ash [Press 1] [Press 2]
• Launched Etsy store and Society 6 Stores

• Group Show, Culver City Art Walk and Roll, Culver City, CA (#24)

• Launched BraverGuide’s Instagram page and BraverStudio’s Instagram page

• Two person show with Chris Heltai @ Abbot Kinney Gallery, Into Abstraction, Venice, CA

• Co-designed a shirt with Joao Cowperthwaite to in cooperation with the film ‘Blackfish’ to raise money for the Humane Society of the U.S.

2009 – 2020
 As VP of Marketing for an independent Hollywood entertainment company I created and managed websites, social media, strategic partnerships and designs. Associate Producer for various TV programs (IMDB). Created and produced a sponsored integration during the Daytime Emmys on CBS Television

2007 – 2008
• Co-wrote, directed & released short film, ‘Adjusting Arbie’ [Credits] [Entire Film]
• Launched a simple website for my art including paintings, carvings, illustrations and photos.

• Group Show, @ About Glamour Gallery, NYC
• Solo Show, @ Gallery Café, ‘Synaptic Bridges,’ Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA

• Two person show, Ron Braverman and Timothy Georgarakis entitled, Art Metropolis, ‘Propaganda from the Dark World,’ Los Angeles, CA

• Solo Show, @ Fritto Misto, ‘New Work,’ Santa Monica, CA
• Gallery Director Patricia Faure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

• Group Show @ Electric Lodge, ‘Group Show,’ Los Angeles, CA
• Whitney Cline’s Album, ‘Bring on the Rain (select photography)

• Group Show, Postcards from the Edge Benefit @ Visual Aids, New York City, NY
• Renee Stahl’s Album, ‘Melancholy Pop‘ (select photography)
○ School of Visual Arts, Painting with Nancy Chunn, New York City, NY

• Solo Show @ MTV Studios/ headquarters, ‘Dataist,’ Times Square, New York City, NY

• Chaotic Space Purchased by the West Collection/ SEI Investments Company, Oaks, PA
[The art works from the West Collection are on long-term loan to SEI. West Collection has built the collection in a 15 year period with SEI’s audience in mind, but also with the sole mission of finding the most compelling contemporary works available by leading international artists.]
• Staff Exhibition’ @ Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, NY
○ Columbia University, Art History Seminars 1850-1950, New York City, NY

• Irving Sandler Artist File @ Artist Space New York City, NY
• Featured Artist – feature film ‘Creosote’

• Featured Artist – Bikini Magazine (March)
• Solo Show, Galaxy Gallery, ‘Quadrasexual’, Los Angeles, CA
• Solo Show, Michael Lohr’s Hollywood Loft, ‘Solo Exhibit,’ Los Angeles, CA
• Solo Show, Steve Crise Gallery, ‘Maricopa Highway Paintings,’ Los Angeles, CA
• Group Show,Museum of Modern Art, ‘Staff Exhibitions,’ New York City, NY
○ New York Studio School, ‘Drawing Marathon,’ New York City, NY

• Featured Artist – Bikini Magazine (November)
• Solo Show @ Westside Jewish Center Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
• Solo Show @ The Buzz, Virgin Megastore, Los Angeles, CA
• Group Show @ Soka Gakkai International Summer Show, Los Angeles, CA
○ Art Center, Contemporary Graphic Design, Los Angeles, CA

• Solo Show @ Millies Café, ‘Brkfst O’ Chmpns,’ Los Angeles, CA.
• Solo Show @ Peace is my Name Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
• Wrote and Illustrated a children’s book, “Tumbler”

• Created and launched Dataism.com, a conceptual art site, domain name was sold in 2017
○ UC Berkeley, Multimedia Communications, Berkeley, CA

New York University, Graphic Designing with Jeffrey Leder, New York City, NY

Pratt Institute, Multimedia Director Classes, New York City, NY
○ School of Visual Arts, Sculpture Series, New York City, NY

• Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Staff Exhibitions,’ New York City, NY
○ University of Hartford, B.A, International Business Advertising Association Scholarship, West Hartford, CT

• Director @ WHC-TV | West Hartford, CT – Wrote and Directed “America’s Least Wanted” and partnered with the ASPCA about animal adoption

1982 – 1985
• Co-created an experimental art rock group, “H.S.S.T” with alter ego, “Tums.” Collaborated with three bandmates and created 14 albums. Adjusting Arbie trailer music by H.S.S.T.