I begin almost every piece without trying to create a specific image. I attempt to forget what I know until I discover a theme to pursue or until it resembles my vision or mood. Starting a piece without knowing the outcome keeps the work honest. I work until the painting seems to breathe on its own.

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A time to think by Ron Braverman

When looking at abstract art we translate what we see into familiar shapes and evocative forms. When we develop an emotional attachment to an image we are going to appreciate it that much more. I am sharing my abstract art with the intention of creating a brighter and more positive day for you.

Heat Warms My Plates and I Love by Ron Braverman

The origin of the word "illustration" is derived from ‘illumination; intellectual enlightenment.’ Illustrating is some of my most favorite work because it's relatable and perhaps illuminating. These works have been used on websites, print media, digital magazines and they hang in homes and offices.

Redefining Cubism (detail) by Ron Braverman

All of my paintings tell stories. Many stories are basic narratives other are metaphors, some are symbolic. For inspiration, I'll often open a half dozen books of my favorite painters like Klee and Deibenkorn. Sometimes I'll listen to podcasts for inspiration, sometimes I'll just relax and listen to my intuition.